Sardar Jasmer Singh Dhatt the Founder Chairman-Director of Miss WORLD PANJABAN® is the instrumental brain, who conceived the idea to serve and honour Punjabi beauty in a different way. His firm conviction of appraising beauty without exhibiting it on the stage-ramps impelled him to initiate an exclusive beauty Pageant in which beauty would be appraised in decent apparels. Being a veteran of Punjabi culture, he found the answer to his conviction through his own culture. Thus he pioneered Miss WORLD PANJABAN® a beauty contest totally based on Punjabi dance, dress, folklore and cultural quiz.
Sardar Jasmer Singh Dhatt was born in Malwa (Jagraon), brought up in Doaba (Hoshiarpur), and studied in Majha (Amritsar). That is why whole of Punjab is his home. He is a visionary par excellence of Punjabi culture and connoisseur of Punjabi art, literature, culture and heritage. Showered with God's choicest blessings, talents and incredibly lovely nature, his bond with the stage has been since his childhood. With the passage of time the versatile artist in him blossomed. He wrote many stories, poems etc for prominent Dailies and Magazines. He is a multifaceted personality and administrator, stage-film director architect, designer, editor, Giddha-Bhangra-folk dance expert etc. He is an institution in himself. Sardar Dhatt also founded Sabhiacharak Sath Punjab in 1991, a world-renowned organisation to serve Punjabi culture and heritage. He is the Chairman of this organisation. He has organised and directed many beauty Pageants and cultural programs successfully. He is the God Father of Ms Japji Khaira winner of Miss WORLD PANJABAN-2006, Japji play the main roll opposite Harbhajn Mann in latest and Super Hit Punjabi Film, "Mitti Wajaan Maardi" and Mohitinder Bawa winner of 2008 is in leading role of Babbu Mann's Film EKAM.

Mr. Dhatt has resigned from a respectable and high post of Punjab Govt. so that he can fully dedicate himself to his mother tongue and his own culture. He is presently settled at Ludhiana and has been dreaming to popularize the Miss WORLD PANJABAN® contest on the lines of Miss Universe. Sardar Dhatt has resigned from a respectable post of Vigilance Bureau Punjab Govt., so that, he can fully dedicate himself to his mother tongue and his own culture. He is presently settled at Ludhiana
He visited Austalia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, England, Europe and  other countries to organize Miss Punjaban events  and to promote Punjabi culture. It is unending desire of Sardar Dhatt that equitable respect and admiration be given to female as being imparted to male, also he wants that female feticide should be totally abolished from the state of Punjab and a birth of female child should be eyed as good and auspicious as birth of a male child. He also want that’s vargularity shown across channels and social function of Punjab should be totally abhorred. He wants to carry the flame of our intense Punjabi culture in all the glory across the world . 


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