A woman is nature's greatest and most incredible creation. Her beauty is a swirl of sensations and every encounter with her is a true moment of magic. There is not a single creature in the entire world that has not been carried away by her charms. Women too in this fast developing civilization have been striving to be better than the rest in terms of beauty and brains since times immemorial. This therefore is the main encouraging factor for the existence of various types of Beauty Pageants throughout the world Miss WORLD PANJABAN® is a unique Beauty Pageant based on Punjabi tradition, folklore and culture. The idea behind making of such an exclusive event was first conceived by Mr. Jasmer Singh Dhatt, a veteran of Punjabi Culture. He is thefounder of the cultural organization Sabhyacharak Sathh Panjab (Regd.) which organizes this exclusive Mega Pageant.

Miss WORLD PANJABAN® is a Beauty Pageant with a difference, as it does not display beauty of women in absolute vulgarity. The promoter of this unique Pageant believes that beauty of a woman is divine & thus she should not be made to walk shamelessly on the ramp with scantly clad revealing attire. Instead her beauty which includes her lovely thoughts, her cultural values and virtues along with the sharpness of her mind should be brought to the fore in the most admiring manner and it is the duty of every concerned Punjabi wherever he is residing in this world to do so. Miss WORLD PANJABAN® is thus a unique contest, which covers all the above aspects and thus excels in portraying the lovely and beautiful goddess “The Woman ” with complete respect, dignity & elegance in front of the whole world. To organize a Beauty Pageant with such a wide difference was thus a great step ever undertaken by anyone in the history of India, a lot many people have been since following and copying the ideas promoted by the organizers of this event but without its originality.

The name and style of Miss WORLD PANJABAN® is registered as trademark by Registrar of Trade Marks Registry, New Delhi. Sabhycharak Sathh Panjab started from a humble origin in the year 1993 when it organized “PANJABAN” a spectacular contest that won admiration from the people of Punjab. The main objective of the contest was to show the world that “PANJABAN”, the goddess of beauty with shyness in her eyes has the capability and potential to conquer the whole universe. After the astronomical success of this event, Mr. Jasmer Singh Dhatt was encouraged by the leading personalities related to Punjabi Culture to organise this programme at state level & thus “Miss PANJABAN®” was organized in 1994 which earned immense popularity and it embraced the whole of Punjab. The year 1996 was a landmark when the popularity of the pageant successfully encompassed whole of India owing to overwhelming participation from its contestants.The next Pageant in 1998 added another feather in the organizers' cap due to its astronomical success. The fame of this pageant spread throughout the world which encouraged participants from abroad to take part in the next Mega Event “Miss WORLD PANJABAN® 2000 and ETC Channel Punjabi, the leading Punjabi Channel was prompted to telecast this programme repeatedly throughout the world due to its exclusivity. Miss WORLD PANJABAN® 2002 won unprecedented applause and praise from Punjabi fraternity through out the world.

Miss WORLD PANJABAN® 2004 and 2006 were presented before an jam packed elite audience of more than 50,000 and were telecasted LIVE throughout the world by thePrime Punjabi Channel ETC and Zee PunjabiMiss WORLD PUNJABAN 2008 was held at Jalandhar and telecast by PTC PUNJABI and PTC News. As the Part of this unique Pageant Miss PUNJABAN events were also organised in USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA ans New Zealand so many times. Damsels from nook and corner of the country including participants from abroad vied to participate in this Mahakumbh of Punjabi culture. All leading news papers and channels covered this event with all its finer details. Dailies were agog with praises which continued for months making this event the best cultural extravaganza ever staged.

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