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  • Those who are willing to take part in this International Exclusive Beauty Pageant Miss WORLD PANJABAN must read the instructions / terms & conditions carefully from our website as well in the ENTRY FORM.
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  • One who is eligible may login to our website & fill Entry Form ONLINE on the given link and Registered herself by clicking SUBMIT button.
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  • After Submitting the Entry Form Online from website, download the Entry Form, take Printout and fill blank Columns, get your parent’s Signatures along with your own and attest it  from the competent Authority, affix  and attach photos along with date of birth, residence proof and other relevant documents (as per attached Instructions with form). Do keep Instructions pages with yourself only.
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  • Applicants from US, Australia, Canada and European Countries (including UK) will post their entry forms on the address of their respective Country   (Rigion) mentioned on website, rest of all other Applicants will Post Entry Form to an address at Ludhiana (India) Head Office already written on every Entry Form.
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  • Beautiful and talented Girls who don’t fulfill the eligibility incase of their Height and age can also apply as if she deserves, Selection Committee can grant relaxation of one inch in short of Height and one year  in excess of age.
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  • There is no fee of Entry Form / Registration / Admission etc.
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