• To take part in this great event one must learn dance and must be perfect in Punjabi folk dances and Gidha.
  • Should acquire more knowledge about history, tradition, heritage and Culture of Punjab.
  • Should Obtain Knowledge regarding the ancient customs & traditional , festivals, food habits,  traditional dresses, games, household works of women such as weaving charkha, Chakki Peehna, Churning Madhani, Sevian Vatna, Saag Cheerna, Makki Di Roti banauna etc. and for all this information they must ask their grand parents. We also recommend you to refer the book “Mera Pind” written by Bhai Gurdit Singh and you may also search & read other books that highlight the knowledge regarding our Punjabi culture.
  • Learn as much as traditional and modern Gidha Boliya from various books.
  • Be conscious about your health and beauty and do join gym (if required) and prefer yoga or some meditation and be strict towards your healthy diet.
  • Beside Punjabi one must also know English, Hindi & other languages and you should be aware about the current affairs and general Knowledge.
  • Beside dance you should have good talent or skills in music, speech ,arts, debate, mimicry, etc.
  • One should have etiquettes, positive attitude, manners, punctuality & be good at conversation as well as must be disciplined and should have ability to increase self confidence.
  • While taking part in any event do come with the motive to Win, but if you lose you should have the capacity to tolerate it.
  • Watch the videos of Semi Finals, Grand Finale of Miss World Punjaban as well as Miss Punjaban of US, Canada & Australia etc on the following link at you tube and follow or gain the skills, acts & other Good things of the Winners and drawbacks of other participants;


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