1. Dates, Venues, Entry Form, & Rounds of Miss WORLD PANJABAN as well as Abroad events like Miss Panjaban Australia, America, Canada etc and Preliminary Events / Auditions in India and Punjab are available on our website, So please visit regularly and for the latest updates.


2. Applicant can register herself on website. Also she can fill Entry Form & take print from site, but must submit duly completed hard copy of Entry Form alongwith documents before the last date of Auditions of her Region.


3. Applicant can submit her Entry Form from the Region where Auditions are not being held. Deserve will nominate from that region by Selection Panel.


4. Applicant can apply either from the region where she has permanent address or where she is studying/serving. In case she wants to apply from both the regions, she has to submit her application separately.


5. Applicant must attach attested documents along with Entry Form as the proof of her date of birth and residence etc.


6. The  applicant   must   bear  a  good  character  and  must   not  have committed  a  criminal  offence  anywhere  in  the  world.


7. The applicant  must  not be  an employee or a  relative of any existing member  of  Organisation and / or should not be associated  with  any  member  of  the  Jury.


8. The  Entry Form should have signatures of both father and mother  (Guardian in case she is residing / studing an other country) as a  proof  of  their  consent  and should  be  attested  by the Principal / Head  of  the concerned  Institution  or  any gazetted  officer / notary  public / athorised person etc.


9. A passport size photograph of the applicant must be affixed on the Entry Form. Two separate photographs  of 4" x 6" size  each  (one full length   profile   and  other  close  up  profile) should  be  attached  in  a envelope  separately  with  the  Entry  Form.


10. Incomplete / without relevant documents Entry Forms will not be considered. The  selection panel reserves the right to reject any Entry  Form  in  its  sole  discretion  without  assigning  any  reason.


11. There  is  no  entry  fee  for  applicants  and  selected  contestants.


12. Applicants  who  have  completed   all  formalities  will  participate  in Preliminary Events of her region  in  traditional dress along with  her dancee song on pen drive / CD.


13. Separate Invitation for the Auditions will not be sent.


14. The Selection Panel is authorized to give relaxation in respect of age,  height  etc.  to  applicant  who  represents  the   region,  state  and country  from  where  no  other  applicant  had  applied  or  selected.


15. All selected contestants for the final Pageant will submit a Surety Bond and will stay together for some days for the final rehearsals & photo sessions etc.


16. The Organisation  reserves  the  right  to  change  rules  and Regulations, venue  dates  etc. for  Preliminary / Final  Pageant  without  any  Notice.


17. The  attire  (dress)  and  ornaments  worn  by  the contestant  in   would  be  of  their  own.  Dresses for Bridal and Heritage Round will sponsor in Grand Finale.


18. The Organisation reserves the right  to appoint member of the Jury, decision of which will be final, binding and  non-challengeable  by the contestant. Organisors bear no responsibility for the decision of the Jury.


19. Lodging and  boarding  will  be  provided  to the  contestants  at the time  of Finals.


20. Any  applicant / contestant  who  does  not abide by the instructions, rules  and  regulations  of  the  Pageant  is  liable  to be disqualified any time  by  the  Panel  without  any  notice.


21. Sabhyacharak  Sathh  Punjab   in  its  sole  discretion  reserves   the right  to  withhold or revoke  the title from  the winner who  is disqualified to fulfil   the  rules  and regulations  of  the event / Pageant and if at any later stage  it  be  known  to  the  organizer   of  the  Pageant  that  the conduct of  the winner or her character is  not worth  keeping the award.


22. Our organisation  is  charitable and  non-profitable and this project is  undertaken  just  to  promote  Punjabi  culture  values  &  traditions.


23. Only colored Forms would be accepted.
24. All  the  names  of  our  Pageants  Miss PANJAB,  Miss PANJABAN, Miss  WORLD  PANJABAN   have  been  registered   by  Government.

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