Rounds of Auditions

1.SOLO DANCE ROUND: Performance of Punjabi Folk dance on Pre-decided play back song, sung by any female Singer. Please send your proposed dance song in MP3 format on our mail id: and get Registration Number for auditions. Contestants have to bring the song at the time of Auditions on pen drive in MP3 format. Organisors/Judges have the right to stop the song whenever and wherever they want. Dress and Ornaments: Punjabi Traditional / Modern Punjabi Salwar Suit and accessories. 
Lok nwc dorpRqIXogI rvwieqI jW Aj kl dy pMjwbI slvwr sUt Aqy gihixAW iv~c Apxy mnpsMd gIq’qy lok nwc pyS krygI [ pihrwvw pRqIXogI dw Apxw hovygw, pr ibnW bwhvW jW ASlIl nW hovy[ pRqIXogI Apxw  gIq pihlW hI swnUM aupr ilKI eI-myl qy Byj ky AfISn leI Apxw rijstrySn nMbr hwsl kr lvy[ gIq AOrq gwiek dI  Avwz ivc hI hoxw cwhIdw hY [ pRbMDkW / inrxWiekW nUM ieh h~k hovygw ky auh gIq iksy smyN vI bMd krvw skdy hn [pRqIXogI Apxw gIq AYm.pI.3 Pwrmt ivc  pYn frweIv ivc AfISnz smyN nwl lY ky Awaux [ pYn frwiev ivc ies qoN ielwvw hor koeI gIq nw hovy[  
Pihrwvw Aqy gihxy: pRMprwgq pMjwbI jW Aj dy dor dw pMjwbI sUt qy gihxy[ 

2. TALENT ROUND: Contestant will perform any item like singing, poem, jokes, mimicry, mono acting and skit, play any musical instrument. Dance not allowed. No marks will be deducted for using English, Hindi or Urdu. But try to use Punjabi accent. Time for this item will be upto 2 minutes. Dress and ornaments: According to the performance, but should not be vulgar.
ivSys pRiqBw dorpRqIXogI styz qy ApxI psMd dI koeI AeItm ijs ivc auh inpuMn hovy pyS krygI, ijs qrW gIq-gzl, kivqw, cut~klw, sikt, mono-AYkitMg, sMgIqk Swz vjwauxw[ nwc nhIN hovygw[ ies AweItm ivc AMgryzI ihMdI aurdU dI vrqo krn qy koeI AMk nhIN kitAw jwvygw iPr vI ijQoN qk sMBv hovy pMjwbI BwSw dI v~D qoN v~D vrqo kIqI jwvy [ AeItm dw smW do imMt qoN v~D nhIN hoxw cwhIdw hY [ 
pihrwvw gihxy: pRqIXogI vloN pyS kIqI jwx vwlI AweItm muqwbk ho skdw hY, pr ASlIl nhIN hoxw cwhIdw[ 

3. GROUP DANCE:   Group Dance will be preformed by all contestants at the same time on the Play Back recorded Song Play by organisors on the spot. Dress & Ornaments: Traditional Punjabi outfits.
grup nwc : pRqIXogI pRbMDkW vloN moky qy clwey gey gIq qy iek~TIAW fWs krngIAW[ pihrwvw gihxy: pRMprwgq pMjwbI jW Aj dy dor dw pMjwbI sUt qy gihxy[



(Please read very carefully)


1.         Only Eligible Applicants can take partin the auditions with their zones.

2.         Participants, who have not submitted theEntry form, can take part in Auditions after filling the form on the spot.

3.         The date and venue are displayed on ourwebsite/App and facebook page.

4.         Organisors reserves the right to changerules/regulations/rounds etc at any time without any prior notice.

5.         Any applicant who do not abide by theinstructions rules and regulations of the Pageant is liable to be disqualifiedany time without any prior notice.

6.         The decision of Jury will be final andnon-challengeable.

7.         As per rule no. 17 of the Prospectus,the organization reserves the right to appoint member of the jury, decision ofwhich will be final, binding and non-challengeable by the contestant.Organisors bear no responsibility for the decision of the jury.

8.         Participants selected for the GrandFinale at Canada have to bear the air-ticket and miscellaneous expensesincluding the visa fee. But boarding and lodging at Canada will be borne by theOrganisors.



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1.   isrP Xogqw pUrI krdIAW muitAwrW hI ih`sw lY skdIAW hn  

2.   rwaUNf / pRogrwm ivc ibnW iksy noits dy koeI vI qbdIlI krn dw AiDkwrpRbMDkW / islYkSn kmytI pws hY [ iksy pRqIXogI dI ieMtrvIaU vI kIqI jw skdI hY[

3.   ADUry ibnY p~qr, G~t Xogqw. hdwieqW dI aulMGxW krn vwlI , isPwrS krvwauxvwlI iksy vI pRqIXogI nuM ibnW iksy noits, iksy smyN vI   mukwbly qoN bwhr kIqwjw skdw hY [

4.   inrxWiekW dw PYNslw AMiqm hovygw ijsnUM cYlNz nhIN kIqw jw skdw [

5.   mukwbly vwlI jgwh qy pRqIXogI nwl Awey iksy vI mrd nUM dwKl hox dI iezwjqnhIN hovygI [

6.    ies mukwbly dIAW SrqW qy hdwieqW ibnY-p~qr qy AMgryzI qy pMjwbI ivc spStrUp ivc AMikq hn ijnW nUM pihlW cMgI qrW pV ivcwr  ilAw jwvy jI [

7.   pRospYkts dy hdwieq nMbr 17 muqwbk, inrxwiek mMfl dy mYNbr sMsQw duAwrwinXukq kIqy jwxgy, ijnHW dw inrxw AMqm Aqy srv-pRvwinq hovygw, ijs nUM cYlYNjnhIN kIqw jw skygw[

8.  jyqU aumIdvwr kYnyfw jwx leI vIzw PIs, eyAr itkt Aqy Awpxy pihrwvy Awid dw Krcw Kud krngy[ jdoN ik kYnyfw ivKy rihx Aqy Kwx-pIx dw Krcw sMsQw v~loN kIqw jwvygw[

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