Miss America, Australia, Canada, Europe & Pakistan Panjaban

1. SOLO DANCE ROUND: Performance of Punjabi Folk dance on Pre-decided play back song, sung by any female Singer. Please send your proposed dance song  in MP3 on email info@missworldpunjabanin for approval of Director. Contestants have to bring the song with her at the time of Auditions on pen drive in MP 3 format.Songs Played in last Miss Panjaban of Applicant’s Country / Zone as well as in Miss WORLD PANJABAN would not be accepted. Dress and Ornaments: Punjabi Traditional / Modern Punjabi Salwar Suit  and accessories. 
 Lok nwc dor: pRqIXogI rvwieqI jW Aj kl dy pMjwbI slvwr sUt Aqy gihixAW iv~c Apxy mnpsMd pr inrdySk qoN pRvwnq gIq’qy lok nwc pyS krygI [ pihrwvw pRqIXogI dw Apxw hovygw pr ibnW bwhvW jW ASlIl nW hovy– gIq dI cox mukwbly dy inrdySk jsmyr isMG F~t  vloN pRqIXogqI dI sihmqI nwl kIqI jwvygI – cMgw hovygw jy pRqIXogI Apxy gIq dI pRvwngI eI-myl, Pon Aid rwhIN pihlW hI hwsl kr lYx [ gIq AOrq gwiek dI  Avwz ivc hoxw cwhIdw hY jo  quhwfy dyS dy ims pMjwbx  jW ivSv pMjwbx dy ipCly mukbwlyAW  ivc iksy hor pRqIXogI vloN nW vriqAw igAw hovy [ pRqIXogI Apxw gIq AYm pI 3 Pwrmt ivc pihlW hI eI-myl rwhIN Byjx dI koiSs kry [ ies qoN ielwvw ieh gIq ipn frweIv ivc AfISnz smyN vI nwl lYky Awvy [ 
2.  PERSONAL TALENT ROUND: Contestant will perform any item like singing, poem, jokes, mimicry, mono acting, skit, play any musical instrument, dance and Bhangra etc. (except Punjabi Hindi dance) with the prior Approval of Director of event. Playback Music is allowed and  upto two person can play musical Instrument with the Contestant.  No marks will be deducted for using english, Hindi and Urdu. But try to use punjabi accent. Time for this item will be between one to three mint. Dress and ornaments: According to the performance  but should not be vulgure.
ivSys pRiqBw dor: pRqIXogI styz qy ApxI psMd dI koeI AeItm ijs ivc auh inpuMn hovy pyS krygI, ijs qrW gIq-gzl, kivqw, cut~klw, sikt, mono AYkitMg, sMgIqk Swz vjwauxw,BMgVw , koeI vYstrn fWs Awid[ ig~Dw, pMjwbI ihMdI lok nwc jW ASlIL fWS pyS nhIN kIqw jw skdw [ ply bYk sMgIq dI shwieqw leI jw skdI hY [ nwl swz vjwaux leI v~D qoN v~D do sMgIqkwrW dw sihXog ilAw jw skdw hY [ AfISn/ irhrsl smyN pRqIXogI dI ies AweItm sMbMdI AMiqm inrxw AweItm vyK hI kIqw jwvygw [ ies AweItm ivc AMgryzI ihMdI aurdU dI vrqo krn qy koeI AMk nhIN kitAw jwvygw iPr vI ijQoN qk sMBv hovy pMjwbI BwSw dI v~D qoN v~D vrqo kIqI jwvy [ AeItm dw smW iek imMt qoN iqMn imMt ivckwr hoxw cwhIdw hY [ pihrwvw gihxw pRqIXogI vloN pyS kIqI jwx vwlI AweItm muqwbk ho skdw hY pr ASlIl nhIN hoxw cwhIdw [ 

3. HERITAGE QUIZ ROUND: Contestant should introduce herself in brief, including her dreams, desires and ambitions followed by Quiz (about punjabi language, heritage and culture) and Gidha Bollian. Questions will be based upon the previously held Miss Panjaban / Miss World Panjaban events / Pageants. Dress & Ornaments: Modern Punjabi Salwar Suit. 
suAwl-juAwb dor: pRqIXogI ApxI jwx-pihcwx, KwhSW, mnorQ qy ABIlwSw bwry dsygI pMjwbI bolI,ivrsy qy s~iBAwcwr bwry suAwl dw juAwb qy puCI geI ig~Dw dI bolI gw ky suxweygI [ suAwl-juAwb qy ig~Dw bolI pihlW ho cuky ims pMjwbx / ivSv pMjwbx mukwbilAW ivcoN jW auhnW nwl imldy juldy hoxgy [ iehnW swry mukwbilAW dIAW vIfIE XU itaUb qy auplBd hn [ pihrwvw gihxy: pRMprwigq pMjwbI jW Aj dy dor dw pMjwbI sUt[ 

4. GIDHA ROUND:  Gidha will be preformed by all contestants jointly on the Play Back recorded Gidha of our last Miss World Punjaban. Reharsals of this round will be held before the event: Dress & Ornaments: Traditional Punjabi outfits. 
ig~Dw dor: pRqIXogI ipCly ivSv pMjwbx mukwbly dy rIkwrf hoey ig~Dw qy iekTIAW ig~DW pyS krngIAW ijsdI bkwiedw pihlW irhrsl krvweI jwvygI [pihrwvw qy gihxy: pRMprwgq qy pMjwbI sUt[




1. BEAUTY & HEALTH ROUND:  (Total marks 120)   Miss Beautiful Smile, Beautiful Eyes, Beautiful Hair

 (a) Features: 25 marks   (b) Physical  appearance   (Vital Stasticts): 25 marks   (c) Beautiful eyes : 25 marks

 (d) Beautiful smile:25 marks  (g) Height:    20 marks ( above 5' every half  inch =1 mark)

2.PERSONAL TALENT ROUND:    (Total marks: 40)   Talented Panjaban

 Performance of exceptional talent may include singing, poem,  jokes, mimicry, mono acting,  skit  etc.:40 marks

3.TRADITIONAL HOUSEHOLD WORK ROUND:  (Total marks: 25)  Dextrous in Household Work

 Knowledge  &  live  performance  of  any  act  of  daily  usage related  to  traditional  household  work  i.e  Charkha,    Chakki,  Madhani,  Chhaj  and  Saag  Cheerna, Makki di Roti, Sewian Wattna  etc.: 25 marks.

4.PERSONALITY ROUND:    (Total Marks 4 )  Miss Brilliant Panjaban

 Personal Interview of Contestant by Jury followed by Question of General Knowledge.

 (a) Personality : 15 Marks   (b) General knowledge:15 marks   (d) Language Proficiency: 10 marks


dor au~p-mukwblw - ims ivSv pMjwbx
1.ishq qy suMdrqw: (kul AMk 120)  KUbsUrq muskrwht, imRg-nYxI, lMm-sulmI guq
 (a) nYx nkS :25 (A) srIrk id~K :25     (e) KUbsUrq A~KW:25  (s) KUbsUrq muskrwht:25  
 (g) k~d:20 AMk     (5Pu~t qoN v~D hr A~Dw ieMc=1 AMk, v~D qo v~D 20 AMk)
2.ivSys pRiqBw dOr:  (kul AMk 40)  guxvMqI pMjwbx
ivSyS hunr ijvyN ik gIq, kivqw, AYkitMg, nklW, cutkilAW Awid dI pySkwrI
3.pRMprwgq GrylU kMm: (kul AMk 25) inpuMn pMjwbx
crKw kq~xw, c~kI pIhxW, mDwxI clwauxw, swg cIrnw, C`j C~txw, syNvIAW v~txW, m~kI dI rotI bnwauxw Awid AorqW dy GrylU kMmw dI jwxkwrI[
4. ivAkiq~qv suMdrqw dOr:  (kul AMk 40) b`uDImwn pMjwbx
ijaUrI duAwrw pRqIXogI dI in~JI ieMtrvIaU qy Awm jwxkwrI sMbMdI suAwl [
 (a) SKsIAq suMdrqW :15  (A) Awm igAwn:15  (e) BwSwvW ivc pRvInqw:10




1.PUNJABI BRIDE ROUND: (Total marks : 50)  Miss Beautiful Bride 
Beauty and elegant  presentation  of  a  Punjabi  bride. 

 (a) Beauty &  appearance:25 (b) Bridal dress-up & ornaments:25 

2. FOLK DANCE ROUND: (Total marks:100)  Best Dance Performance 

Punjabi folk  dance  performance  on  pre-decided  songs.     

 (a) Dance as per the rhythm:20   (b) Face expressions:20 marks    (c) Lips movement:20 marks
 (d) Elegance in the action:20   (e) Dress and ornaments:20 marks                          

3.HERITAGE ROUND: (Total marks: 50)  Most Intelligent Panjaban 

Contestant  draped in modern Punjabi suits  sponsored by premier fashion institutes. Self-introduction, dreams  desires  and ambition of  contestant  followed  by  question-answer  round.

 (a) Right answer of question:20      (b) Right Gidha boli :20 marks

 (c) Confidence  and  Exclusiveness  in   the  presentation  of  her dreams, desires  and  ambition : 10 marks

4. GIDHA ROUND: (Total marks: 50)  Best in Gidha Performance

 (a) Solo performance:20 marks  (b)Dress & Ornaments :20 marks  (c) Group performance:10 marks

5. INTERNAL ASSESSMENT:  (Total marks: 25)   Miss Congeniality 

On  the  basis  of  opinion  of  colleagues,  organisors  and  others

 (a)Punctuality and discipline: 10 marks   (b) Behaviours with others: 10 marks   (c)Etiquette and manners: 5


dOr mu~K mukwblw - ivSv pMjwbx

1. folI dOr: (kul AMk 50) suMdr lwVI
suMdrqw qy pMjWbx dy folI qurn smyN dw AMdwz
(a) suMdrqw qy smucI id~K: 25  (A)lwVI dw isMgwr (pihrwvw qy gihxy):25 
2. pMjwbI lok nwc: (kul AMk 100) au~qm nwc   
pihlW  qoN  inrDwrq  pMjWbI  gIq aupr  lok nwc
(a)qwl Anuswr fWs:20   (A)ichry dy hwv-Bwv:20   (e)b@ulHW dI ihljul:20  
(s)nwc ivc vMn-suvMnqw:20        (h)prMprwgq pihrwvw qy gihxy:20 AMk
3.suAwl-juAwb dOr: (kul AMk 50)    su@GV-isAwxI pMjwbx
pRqIXogI  Ajoky  pMjwbI pRwXoijk pihrwvy ivc  svY-jwx-pCwx, KwhSw, mnorQ qy AiBlwSw bwry dsygI Aqy j~jw dy  svwlW qy ig~Dy  dI  bolI dy jvwb dyvygI
(a)svwl dw shI jvwb:20 AMk  (A)shI bolI:20 AMk 
e)Awqm ivSvws qy svY-jwx pCwx smNy nvInqw qy ivl~Kxqw:10 AMk
4. ig~Dw dOr:  (kul AMk 50)   ig~iDAW dI rwxI   
prMprwgq  ig~Dy  dI  sWJI  pySkwrI
(a) injI pySkwrI:20   (A)pihrwvw qy gihxy:20    (e)swJI pySkwrI:10
5. AMdrUnI mulwkx: (kul AMk 25)  mlwpVI pMjwbx
smucI cOx pRikRAw dOrwn sihXogIAW, AwXoijkW qy hor sbMDq lokW dI rwie
(a)smyN qy AnuSwsn dI pwlxw:10 AMk   (A)hornw nwl ivivhwr:10AMk  (e)lokwcwr ivDI  qy iSStwcwr:5 AMk

State Level Miss Panjaban in India and District Level Miss Panjab in Panjab


Solo Dance, Personal Talent Round will be held as above.  Selected Contastants will perform Group dance instead Gidha. 
ivdySw ivc ho rhy ims pMjWbx mukwbilAW Anuswr lok nwc, ivSys pRiqBw dor, qy suAwl juAwb dor hoxgy jdoN ky ig~Dw dI bjwey moka qy iksy vI plybYk gIq qy smUihk nwc krvwieAw jwvygw[ coxvy pRqIXogIAW dI ieMtrvIaU vI ho skdI hY
Note: All the terms and Conditions according of Miss WORLD PANJABAN pageant  must be read completely and  carefully
not: swry inXm qy  SrqW nuM cMgI qrW pV qy ivcwr ilAw jwvy jI [